From the Passion

for art at creation

of unique T-shirts and Sweatshirt.

T-Shirt Art tessuti decorati
Maglietta T-Shirt Art
The Project T-Shirt Art

Dress up with “Arte”

It all started with our passion and love for art and nature. Its colors and shapes have inspired us to create unique T SHIRT and Dresses made with fresh Jersey viscose and Jersey cotton fabrics, knitted sweaters with precious yarns in pure silk and viscose for the summer. Warm and comfortable fabrics combined with the precious cashmere yarn for the winter.

Thus was born T SHIRT ART, a new exclusive project where colors, lines and images come together in Abstract, Figurative and Floral Harmonies.
Small works of art … to wear with “ART”

Style & Design

Creativity and Made in Italy

Our creations are made with natural fabrics and yarns produced in Italy, such as Viscose, Cotton, Silk and Cashmere. They are painted by hand or with digital technique, but always starting from a handmade paintings, created and made by our studio designer with beautiful watercolor effects, like small works of art.

The colors used are all tested non-toxic and absolutely resistant to washing. All our creations are made exclusively in Italy in our company on Lake Maggiore.
We pay particular attention to the fitting of our garments and extreme attention to detail, personally taking care of all the processing phases.

The creation’s process

The processing phase

Modellini T-Shirt Art
T-Shirt Art magliette

Creation on CANVAS

Just as for the realization of a painting, we paint on canvas with the watercolor technique with ink or pastel strokes, the painting that we will then realize later on the garment. Our source of inspiration is the Art with its forms, from the Abstract to the Figured, from the Graphic to the POP ART, but also the nature with its colors and its floral harmonies.

Design of the models

After the painting on canvas we design the models on fashion plates: t-shirts, dresses, sweaters, cardigans, they are all garments on which our exclusive designs will be painted, either by hand or with digital technique, as if they were real lithographs of Author.

Final realization

The last phase is the real creation of the garment, which are made in our company on Lake Maggiore. That's where our creations come to life, created with Passion and to wear with "Arte".
Our market

T-Shirt Art in the World

Our Creations are 100% Made in Italy and are appreciated and sold worldwide.
In addition to the Italian one, our main reference markets are the United States, Japan and Russia.

In the next few years we are planning to expand our brand in other countries in Europe and Asia.

T-Shirt Art nel mondo


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